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As an outsourcing company we completed projects that run online and offline. Please see the Flash website

Case study: JGLD

Management system of a medical journal, Journal of Gastroenterology and Liver Disease
The system provides aid in the entire editorial process, from the proposal to the publishing of the articles. First users propose the articles, then the articles are sent to the administrator who together with reviewers correct them until the final stage, when the articles are ready for printing or online publishing. The system eases the communication between the users, reviewers and administrator and sends the articles from one person to another, allowing them to make changes and corrections.

  • PHP, MySQL

Case study: Cluj Arena

The Presentation CD of Cluj-Arena, construction completed in September 2011, the largest structure built in Cluj-Napoca in the latest years. The CD represents a Flash Development project that presents the building phases, conducted during two years.

  • Flash Development

Case study: The Turda Salt Mine

The Presentation CD of Turda Salt Mine is also a Flash Development project that shows a virtual tour of great complexity with 360 degrees panoramas in the underground galleries of this landmark, of great importance for Cluj County and Romania.

  • Flash Development

Case study: Florida Citrus Sports

Presentation CDs of annual activities of various companies linked to the advertisments on the Florida Citrus Sports Stadium. The project comprises of a number of CDs dedicated to each company. The presentation was developed in Flash.

  • Flash Development