About Us


The G Multimedia company has as the main field of activity the realization of The Web Applications for The Online Conferences, The eLearning solutions. It also creates the different types of the online stores.

Web apps

The Web applications are made using the different functional Plugins on the WordPress platform.

Creative Sites

The websites made by us approach a current, a creative design, in harmony with the domain of activity of the client.



We use programs specialized in video and image editing, Adobe Creative Suite. In our works we apply the latest trends in web and graphic design.


Web programming

The team of the web programmers can create the complex web applications, especially adapted for the client, using the PHP programming or the customized WordPress plugins.


Augmented Reality

The team of the Unity programmers and the 3D graphic designers can create complex Augmented Reality based on the images received from the client or made especially for it.

Innovative ideas

We apply the Augmented Reality as an advertising and a visual communication solution in combination with the 3D graphics and animations.


Our team consists of the web developers, the web and the graphic designers. The Web development is based on the PHP programming and the WordPress customization. The graphic design is based on The Adobe Creative Suite. The 3D graphics, the modeling and the rendering, is made in Blender.